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Creating and communicating a company’s sustainability platform is a delicate task. Your
message must be thoroughly vetted, substantiated, and authentically presented – lest you
run the risk of greenwashing. No good deed goes unpunished, indeed.


Putting the “eco” in AFM Safecoat

Sometimes a brand gets tired. AFM, a pioneer in “healthy” paints and coatings, found themselves losing market share to new environmentally friendly lines from larger players. A revitalized voice, appearance and approach were needed.

AFM Safecoat offers the only paint that is doctor recommended for the chemically sensitive. The category of safe home and construction products is seeing rapid growth. But there are increasing numbers of traditional paint companies jumping on the green bandwagon as well.

Our mission was to re-brand and promote AFM Safecoat for maximum marketability to consumers, contractors and dealers. Our integrated marketing plan broadened AFM’s appeal by reaching out to people who have children, pets and are proactive about their health. A balance was struck between targeting people who are concerned with the welfare of the planet and those who have health issues themselves.

Working with Clean Agency, Ken Eskenazi developed a multi-tiered marketing, design and advertising campaign including a comprehensive rethinking of the entire brand. We began with their corporate and product brand identity, and then created new product packaging and merchandising. A reengineered and redesigned website, collateral and ad campaign directed to both the trade and consumers followed. Emphasizing the “eco” in the Safecoat logo gave a strong visual cue to our positioning.

With the new branding in place, Clean implemented an aggressive PR and media campaign. The media objectives strove to get more independent dealers on board as well as drive consumers to AFM’s existing national dealers. The public relation efforts resulted in placements in top newspapers, home living / lifestyle magazines and television specials on green living.

Even though the competitive space is becoming more crowded, AFM Safecoat has seen a dramatic increase in new distributors and direct sales from the relaunch of the brand.

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