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Creating and communicating a company’s sustainability platform is a delicate task. Your
message must be thoroughly vetted, substantiated, and authentically presented – lest you
run the risk of greenwashing. No good deed goes unpunished, indeed.


What’s the incentive to change your behavior if you’re unaware of the consequences?

NewPage Corporation is North America’s leading producer of high quality coated paper. Due to an over capacity of new paper mills in China, the U.S. market has been flooded with paper “dumped” at prices below production costs.

The courts have determined that this is illegal, but the practice continues. Working with Clean Agency, Ken Eskenazi and his team researched and developed communications and tools to expose the issues and educate stakeholders.

Artificially low prices have incredibly high true costs – to local business and to the global environment. We strongly believe in arming consumers with the facts so they can make informed (better) choices with their purchases. When NewPage engaged us to develop a campaign to educate corporations, printers and designers onb the issues with imports, we dug right in.

We wanted to bring the “unintended consequences” of thinking of coated paper just as a commodity to light. We called our campaign: Paper Tells A Story

It’s a hot topic.

Health and safety concerns with toys imported from China are all over the news. The environmental concerns of the excessive transportation, unverifiable fiber sources and questionable labor practices of imported paper haven’t gotten as much press. Our integrated marketing campaign exposes the unnecessary risk buyers of imported paper may be taking.

Components of the campaign include a print ad campaign, online campaign, website, blog, podcasts, white papers, a training powerpoint and direct mail.

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